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Centenarians Unlocking The Secrets To A Century Of Life

Maintaining strong social connections is a key factor in the lives of centenarians. Whether through close family ties, friendships, or community involvement, social connections contribute to emotional well-being. They may play a significant role in the overall health of individuals as they age. This is true for five very special centenarians living and thriving at […]

Staying Connected To Community

Esther’s Paradise  by David Suh   In early October 2019, Esther and I moved to Woodcrest Villa. We made a long journey to our forever home. Red, yellow, and brown leaves rustled under the glorious sun. I was humming in my head, “Falling leaves drift by the window . . . “ Before long the […]

Benefits of Lancaster Retirement

  Should I Retire in Lancaster, PA? Retirement is the beginning of a new stage of life. New adventures and possibilities await you in your golden years, but where should you retire? What do you consider when choosing the right place for your retirement? There are a lot of places out there, but there’s something […]

Retirement Apartments vs. Homes

Retirement Apartments vs. Homes — How to Choose the Best Place to Retire Choosing a place to retire takes some deliberation. There’s a lot to think about when choosing a retirement community, from its proximity to loved ones to the area’s cost of living. However, at the end of the day, the best place to […]
Woodcrest Villas Falcon Pointe Apartments

Woodcrest Villa Approves New Boutique Apartment Building

Woodcrest Villa is soaring to new heights as they move forward with their newest apartment project, scheduled to be completed in late 2024. “Woodcrest Villa is excited to announce construction of Falcon Pointe, a spectacular building with 35 beautiful apartments. Falcon Pointe has been designed as a complement to the very successful Pheasant Pointe building […]
Two retired men with three retired women enjoying a conversation on a couch

Staying Connected in Retirement

Moving to a Retirement Community Retirement should be a joyful part of your life. It’s a time to connect with others, enjoy new opportunities and finally find the time to do everything you always wanted to try. As much as it’s an exciting chapter, you may feel overwhelmed with the transition. Staying connected with others by […]

Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community During Winter

Battling the winter elements can be challenging for many older adults, bringing potential health risks and barriers to staying active. Along with the physical challenges imposed by snow and ice, the shorter days can affect how you feel. When you can’t leave the house, you can start feeling lonely and isolated without your loved ones. Living in […]