Life in the Personal Care Community

Step inside Mennonite Home and you will immediately notice a difference. You’ll see residents in all households and areas, playing cards, watching TV, enjoying a special program, taking an exercise class or just hanging out and enjoying the company of one another.

Our Community Life team in both personal care and nursing are always thinking about new, fun activities to keep everyone smiling.

A few of the many options residents have to choose from include:

  • Computer and internet alcove
  • Country Store gift shop
  • Library and Bookmobile visits
  • Spacious arts and crafts room
  • Social opportunities – bus trips, special events, concerts, games
  • Wellness Center and exercise programs
  • Weekly chapel services and Bible studies

Personal care publishes a weekly calendar of events so residents can plan their days around what they would like to do. In skilled nursing, residents are often treated to special entertainment and activities on their individual households.

With so many choices, residents certainly can continue to stay active and engaged.