Staying Connected in Retirement

Moving to a Retirement Community

Retirement should be a joyful part of your life. It’s a time to connect with others, enjoy new opportunities and finally find the time to do everything you always wanted to try. As much as it’s an exciting chapter, you may feel overwhelmed with the transition. Staying connected with others by moving to a retirement community can be your next step to celebrating your golden years in the best way possible.

Besides moving to a caring community, there are several things you can do to maintain healthy relationships and stay connected during your retirement season. Before you officially leave the workforce, you’ll want to know what to expect and have a plan for how to make your retirement years your best.

The Effect of Retirement on Your Family

Your retirement may have an impact on your family. Those with children who still live at home or with young grandchildren will have more opportunity to spend time with them. These extra chances to connect will let you find new ways to strengthen your bond as a family.

With the time you spent commuting and at work now available to invest at home, you can take the chance to make memories, get involved, watch recitals or games, and support your family in ways both big and small.

The Social Effects of Retirement

Many people look forward to retirement as a great opportunity to get involved with a community and be more social. The amount of free and alone time suddenly at your disposal may initially seem intimidating, but it represents an exciting new chapter in your social life.

In retirement, you can realize the dreams and projects you never had time for while working. You can travel, pick up new hobbies or enjoy old pastimes that previously had to take the back burner. You get to spend time with people you love, join social clubs, meet new people and make new connections. With so many opportunities available for retirees, your social calendar and your life will be fuller than ever.

What to Expect From a Retirement Relocation

Moving to a thriving retirement community is an ideal way to find a space where you feel you belong. Many great retirement residences have various activities, socials, volunteer initiatives and opportunities to build friendships. It can be a tremendous blessing and an exciting new beginning for you.

Relocating for your retirement can potentially pose a challenge to your existing relationships, and it may take some work for you to maintain them. Still, it is essential for you to keep in touch with your colleagues, friends and family while cultivating new connections.

How You Can Stay Connected in Retirement

If you are moving to a retirement community, you should still stay connected to your loved ones. Here are three ways to maintain bonds with friends and family and three ways to build new friendships:

Staying Connected

Part of a happy retirement is making the effort to keep up with the people you love.

1. Celebrate Your Family and Friends

Even if you are relocating, you can still keep up with family traditions. If you aren’t able to travel to them, phone your loved ones or do a video conference on their birthdays or important days like graduation. You can also encourage them to visit and invite them for holidays or other celebrations.

Set up a daily, weekly or monthly time to call or see each other to create new routines or traditions.

2. Connect With Your Friends

Retiring gives you the time to reconnect with old friends or keep in touch with new ones. Write letters and emails, make calls or plan virtual lunches.

3. Plan Surprises for Your Loved Ones

With more free time, you can plan surprises for the special people in your life. Create something for them, write down everything you love about them and share it, or have something delivered to them as a sweet, unplanned gift.

Cultivating New Friendships

The best part of moving to a retirement community is the chance to make new acquaintances, experience new adventures and have fun! Try these tips as you build your new social circle:

1. Get Involved

Volunteering or being part of a committee gives you a sense of purpose and is a great way to serve your community.

2. Get Social

Retirement communities often have special events and socials — consider attending these once you relocate. Community events are ideal opportunities to adjust to a retirement lifestyle in a positive way.

3. Befriend an Outgoing Person

If you are more reserved and need someone to inspire you to get social and meet new people, befriend someone who is naturally outgoing in the retirement community. You can even ask the staff or managers to help pair you with a friend.

Moving to a Retirement Community That Cares

We understand that moving to a retirement community requires some adjustment. At Woodcrest Villa, we believe in enriching lives and making retirement a joyful experience.

Contact us today for more information.

Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community During Winter

Battling the winter elements can be challenging for many older adults, bringing potential health risks and barriers to staying active. Along with the physical challenges imposed by snow and ice, the shorter days can affect how you feel. When you can’t leave the house, you can start feeling lonely and isolated without your loved ones.

Living in a retirement community in the winter can eliminate these barriers by providing a warm, welcoming and safe space away from the hassles and hazards of the colder weather. Independent living services also offer maintenance-free living and fun winter hobbies for retirees to help them stay active.

Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community During the Winter

Here are just a few of the benefits of being in a retirement community when the cold weather hits.

Convenient, Centrally Located Amenities

One of the primary benefits of living in a retirement community is the convenience it provides. All activities and amenities are located in one central place, making them easy for older adults to access quickly. Residents can enjoy dining venues, the bank, pharmacy, grocery store and other locations. These amenities are just steps away from your apartment.

You can also try fitness classes, group activities and excursions, or you might want to take a peaceful walk through the gorgeous winter scenery.

Combat the Winter Blues With Social Activities

While you might tend to stay in your home during the winter season to avoid safety risks, isolation can bring emotional dangers like depression. At Woodcrest Villa, planned social activities can combat isolation and depression. Most independent living services provide winter hobbies for retirees, all located in one central place to help you avoid cold-weather hazards.

Enjoy transportation services to shopping centers, restaurants and movie theaters that are just a short distance from your apartment. These activities help you get out of the house and spend time with like-minded neighbors, fostering connections to help avoid the winter blues.

There are many fun social activities in a retirement community as well, such as volunteering opportunities, arts and crafts, chess club and trivia games. These communities can also help you express your faith in Bible studies or worship studies while staying connected with neighbors and friends. Whatever your activity of choice might be, you’re sure to make meaningful connections and reduce social isolation in a retirement community.

Protection From Cold Weather Risks

Here in Pennsylvania, we’re no strangers to the havoc a winter storm can cause. Power outages can leave homeowners without heat or running water. Icy sidewalks, snow-covered pathways and steps are especially hazardous for older adults with mobility or balance challenges. At retirement communities, the health and safety of residents come first.

Residents at retirement communities can take advantage of snow removal services, grounds maintenance and an emergency call system in the event of a storm. You won’t need to deal with icy walking or driving conditions to run errands, and you can enjoy well-maintained walking paths throughout the cold months.

Have peace of mind with an abundance of food and supplies, access to transportation services and helpful staff to clear up the snow when you live in a retirement community.

Visit Apartment Neighbors Without Going Outside

With the winter comes the desire to stay out of the cold and indoors. However, being away from friends and family can be lonely. In retirement communities, you can visit with your neighbors and keep those close connections without venturing into the cold.

You’ll find seating areas throughout your apartment buildings that are ideal for neighborhood chats and get-togethers. Most rooms are conveniently located near community amenities and restaurants, providing countless opportunities for fun with neighbors and friends. Many villas and apartments also have large spaces for social gatherings where you can host events for neighbors, family and friends all year round, no matter the weather.

Maintenance-Free Living

Winter brings added responsibilities, risks and costs, from dealing with furnace maintenance and frozen pipes to shoveling driveways and keeping steps clear of ice. One of the greatest benefits of independent living services is that you don’t have to take care of the home maintenance that comes with the cold weather. Helpful staff will take care of snow removal so you won’t need to go out on the icy sidewalks and potentially injure yourself.

You can also call for emergency maintenance repairs in the event of a storm. When you opt for maintenance-free senior living in retirement communities, you will never have to complete cold-weather chores again.

Stay Active All Winter

When the temperature drops, outdoor activities you enjoy in the warmer months tend to fall by the wayside. It can be difficult to participate in activities like golf in frigid temperatures or go for a walk when it’s slippery and wet. But you won’t have to go outside to stay fit and active in a retirement community.

Retirement communities promote mental and physical health and wellness with fitness classes. You can stay happy and in shape by attending instructor-led exercise sessions, from aerobics and strength training to yoga. You might create a fitness program designed for your needs or participate in various classes depending on your preferences.

Fitness centers at retirement communities also include a full range of equipment so you can stay engaged and continue your healthy habits during the cold weather.

Transportation Services for Winter Excursions

You will never have to brave icy roads when you opt for retirement community living. With transportation services and easy access to shopping centers, you can run your errands with peace of mind. Retirement communities also provide planned group outings that you can attend with friends and neighbors.

Despite the weather, older adults can experience enriching and stimulating social lives all year round. Take part in theater trips, restaurant visits, trips to local markets and other fun group activities to get out of the house and into the community.

Enjoy the Benefits of Independent Living Services This Winter at Woodcrest Villa

Independent living services can provide many benefits for older adults. At Woodcrest Villa, you can stay healthy, active and happy throughout the winter with various social activities and amenities. Our retirement community apartments and villas are conveniently located just minutes from downtown Lancaster, with access to facilities such as grocery stores, shopping centers and theaters.

Appreciate maintenance-free senior living, transportation services and fitness classes to maintain an active lifestyle even in the colder months. We also provide fun community outings, winter hobbies, volunteer opportunities and a variety of other activities to keep residents busy and engaged. Foster connections and build meaningful experiences in our active, welcoming residential living community.

To learn more about our independent living at Woodcrest Villa, contact us today.

New $15 Minimum Wage

New Minimum Wage Increase!

The Executive Team of Mennonite Home Communities (MHC) recognizes that each staff member is a significant and valued member of our team.  We want to thank our staff members for their commitment and service to our Residents and MHC.

MHC desires to be among the leading organizations in providing a high quality, supportive work environment and a livable wage for all staff. Therefore, we are excited to announce that effective May 10, 2021, all starting wages will be increased to a minimum of $15.00 per hour. In addition, wages for all other positions have been reviewed and increased accordingly.